Always More (The Flamingo Bar Book 1)

Finding the perfect Daddy was easy with The App, but would Scott be able to keep him?

Scott Rainsford had been shocked to find that his blind date was someone who he not only knew, but wasn’t enamoured with. Now he must decide if one hot encounter can change his opinion of a man he can’t stop thinking about.

That is until DaddyL shows what he really wants: Scott.

But nothing is simple. A first time Daddy, interfering friends, and past mistakes create more bumps in the road. Can two men who seem worlds apart, go from enemies to lovers, to more, and find their happiness together?

This is a HEA, MM gay romance with Daddy kink, spanking, lace and silk, and a very naughty boy who loves nothing better than teasing his Daddy.

Warning: This is the follow on from The App: Daddy Kink and the author would recommend reading that book first because these two men were just too complicated for one book.


© 2020 by JP Sayle