The App: Daddy Kink

Why was finding a Daddy to meet his needs so hard? Could a kink app be the answer to what was missing from Scott’s life?

Scott Rainsford is a gentle soul, friendly and hard working. He loves his job as a waiter in the critically acclaimed restaurant La Trattoria Di Amore. On the outside his life looks perfect, but Scott is lonely and craves to meet the one person that will give him what he needs.

Can The App be the answer?

The App offers Scott the freedom to search for the Daddy he has always dreamed of.
It also gives Scott the choice to choose the one man he’d never have expected to want to be his Daddy.

But nothing is simple, a first time Daddy, a broken lift, a phobia and past mistakes make for the perfect stormy start. Can two men, who seem worlds apart, go from enemies to lovers, and meet in the middle?

This is an MM gay romance with Daddy kink, spanking and enough steam to strip paint from wood. With two men that are too complicated for just one book. Warning this book is an HFN