Ferron's Journey Part Three: Revelation: (The Playroom Book 6)

With each new revelation, can Isaac protect his boy from what is coming?

Time is running out. The security team Isaac hired to protect his boy uncovers sordid secrets. Will they undo all the positive steps Ferron has taken?

Isaac must make a choice, but is it the right one for Ferron?

Having declared his feelings to Isaac, Ferron now wants to claim back the life that was stolen from him. But has he left it too late and will the police believe him after all this time?

Ferron’s Journey: Revelation Part Three, The Playroom series (Book 6), is an MM gay suspense romance with a protective Daddy and a boy who finally sees that hidden damage can be healed with the courage of love.

This is the final part of a trilogy and the author advises to read them in order to understand the story. This book has aspects of a non-consensual relationship, with possible triggers due to scenes of abuse


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