Ferron's Journey: The Playroom Series, Book 4

Can the damage done by another be reversed, after Ferron makes the biggest mistake of his life?

Ferron Robertson is a lost soul searching for someone and something to connect with after suffering great loss. In The Playroom, he finds his center in submission and the grief he lives with becomes easier to manage. 

That is, until he makes a fateful mistake. 

Life for some is never an easy journey and after being rejected in the one place he feels safe, Ferron goes somewhere that is anything but safe to him. Now he must battle not only himself, but the Dom who refuses to let him go. 

Ferron’s Journey: Damaged Part One, The Playroom series, is an MM gay suspense with BDSM and a cliffhanger ending. This is the first part of a trilogy and written from Ferron’s POV. 


Warning: This book has aspects of a non-consensual relationship, with possible triggers due to scenes of abuse. 


© 2020 by JP Sayle