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Smith's Corner: Delilah & Dallas - Book 1

With a past more complicated than ten balls of yarn after it’s been attacked by a house full of kittens, I wasn’t looking to tangle myself in a relationship. The only thing is that Dallas, one of the Smith brothers who own the bar right next door to my bakery, has other ideas.

In the last year, I’ve learned to dodge and weave him better than a wide receiver at the Superbowl. At six-foot-five, with eyes of chocolate a girl could drown in, this was no mean feat. Then an assumption lands me in hot water and I end up asking him on a date.

What was I thinking?

One kiss and I know he’s trouble with a capital T, the kind that sensible girls run from. Thing is, he’s stolen my common sense with his wicked mouth and soft heart. It doesn’t matter to him that I’ve more curves than a Kardashian and a mouth that has no filter.

Life has taught me I can achieve anything with hard work and determination. Does this include love?

I’m about to find out.

Smith’s Corner (book one) Dallas & Delilah, is a standalone, opposites-attract romantic comedy-drama. It comes with a hot as fuck barman who’s about to learn exactly what he’s capable of when it comes to love.


Smith's Corner: Layla & Levi - Book 2

Men and trust. Yeah, these two things, in my experience, don’t go hand in hand. The promises I made to myself were easy to keep for years, that is until Levi Smith walks into my life.

What is it they say about good intentions and best-laid plans?
I have them all, and then my daughter asks for help with her wedding. The easy yes is only the beginning of my problems.

Levi’s laughter is more potent than a quart of liquor. His fast mouth and easy smile I can resist, but his big heart is another matter, especially when my past comes to haunt me.

With more secrets than Mount Rushmore, will Levi’s love be the solution or my family’s downfall?

I’m about to find out.

Smith’s Corner: Layla & Levi (book 2) is an opposites-attract, romantic drama. It comes with a hot as fuck barman who is about to learn love has no boundaries.

This book has trigger warnings.


Smith's Corner: Alora & Ash - Book 3

Love…it comes with no assurances as life has taught me. Can past hurts be overcome to give me a second chance at finding happiness?

Loneliness has me returning to the place where I grew up and where I left a big part of my heart behind. My return isn’t the only hot gossip in town when it seems fate is out to mess with me once again. Ash Smith, the man who was once my whole world is now out of prison, and the secret I’ve held close is harder to hide.

A smile that eclipses the sun and melts me faster than the asphalt on a hot summer Texas day, is pointing in my direction, only this time I’m older and wiser. Yeah, like that’s the truth. The second Ash aims those sexier than sin, caramel eyes at me, love is back on the agenda. Only can I give my trust to a man who once crushed my heart with his rejection, when it’s not only my heart on the line this time?

It seems I’m about to find.

Smith’s Corner: Ash & Alora (book 3) is a second-chance romantic-drama. It comes with a hot as fuck barman who’ll do just about anything to please his daughter, and win back his one true love, no matter how ridiculous it makes him look.


Smith's Corner: Faith & Fox - Book 4

She’s haunted by her history, but he’s the warm embrace she craves. Can they weather the storm and win their forever?

Faith Cadwell fought like hell to give her daughter a fresh start. Resolving not to repeat the same mistakes she made with her abusive ex-husband, she swore off men the moment she fled his controlling clutches. But the handsome mute guy at her little girl’s recital has her struggling to ignore the feelings stirring in her heart… and on a mission to learn to sign.

Fox Smith’s tough exterior hides a gentle soul. So when a casual encounter re-introduces him to the gorgeous single mom, the born-mute bartender is eager to let his real self show. But when he witnesses Faith’s clear connection with another man, he fears he has no hope for true love.

When Faith’s terrifying ex shows up making menacing threats, she’s grateful for her quiet new hero’s protection. And though Fox still believes the fiery woman belongs to another, he’s determined to fight for their future by any means necessary.

Can they overcome misunderstandings and threats to find their path to happily ever after?

Faith & Fox: Smith’s Corner is the enthralling fourth book in The Heartwood romance series. If you like strong-minded women, protective men, and steamy passion, then you’ll adore Jayne Paton’s pulse-pounding tale.


Smith's Corner: Hunter and Holden - Book 6

Love comes with no guarantees, but that doesn’t stop Hunter from loving the straight guy. Are the obstacles he faces, too big to climb over to win their forever?

After being disowned by his family as a teenager, Hunter Taylor values his friends. Even though he’s from a town where everyone knows everybody’s business, he’s managed to keep one secret for years—his attraction to the straight bartender, Holden Adams.

A heated exchange leaves Hunter questioning whether Holden is as straight as he proclaims. The angry encounters that follow leave Hunter confused until he seeks advice from his friends. With his heart on the line, Hunter isn’t ready to give up the battle to win his forever family.

Holden is left to care for his daughter when his childhood sweetheart skips town. His focus is making sure she has everything she needs, and he doesn’t have time for anything else. Especially Hunter, who for some unknown reason makes it his mission to get into Holden’s face. When anger turns to attraction, Holden is left examining what he believes about himself. The stunning man has the power to touch his heart, but his aren’t the only feelings to consider. Now he must decide if taking the risk of his life will gain what his heart desires—Hunter.

Can they overcome the barriers together to find their path to happily ever after?

Hunter & Holden: Smith’s Corner is the captivating sixth book in The Heartwood romance series. If you like strong-minded men and steamy passion, then you’ll adore Jayne Paton’s pulse-pounding tale.


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