Mine, Body and Soul: The Playroom Series, Book 1


Was it possible that there was a man out there who could see past Lenny's damaged body and soul, and want to claim him as his?

Lenny has suffered things that no person should have to endure. With that comes health issues that impact on how he sees himself, leaving him feeling isolated. 

That is, until a chance meeting.

The world that Lenny understands is now spinning in a different direction, and he isn't sure whether to hold on or let go. Never having had anyone to catch him before, can he trust Nathan?

Can an introduction into a BDSM lifestyle be everything Lenny didn't know he needed, as he discovers being a virgin is not always a bad thing?

Mine, Body and Soul is the first part of a three-part story in The Playroom Series. This is a slow burn MM gay romance, with an age gap and a sexual awakening. 

Warning: This book has a HFN ending. There are also aspects of childhood trauma touched upon briefly.


Mine, Body and Soul: Part 2: The Playroom, Book 2 

Can the way you view your body change, when all you see are scars?

Nathan Bridges is an exhibitionist who loves his life as a Dom. Then one fateful day, that all changed and Nathan has spent the last 10 years hiding from what happened.

That is until Lenny shows him what true bravery is.

The feelings he has for Lenny give him back what has been missing from his life and allows Nathan to truly embrace the present and let go of the past to see that beauty is more than just a body.

But life is never that simple, as forces beyond their control work against them.

This is the second part of the Mine, Body, and Soul trilogy in The Playroom series. It is an MM age gap gay romance with aspects of BDSM, and a sexual awakening that has the power to free both men from the chains of their past and drive the true Dom inside Nathan to reappear.

This is the second book in the trilogy and the author advises that these books should be read in order to better understand the storyline. This book ends on a cliffhanger with the HEA coming in the third and final book.

Warning: This book contains some violence and touches briefly on past traumas and childhood issues.


Mine, Body and Soul: Part Three: The Playroom, Book 3

Can the BDSM lifestyle and love give two men's soul the chance to soar?

Nathan and Lenny have learnt that life can be cruel and unjust. With that, they've built barriers to shield and protect themselves from hurt.

That is until Nathan takes Lenny on a journey of sexual discovery.

Lenny's ability to trust and let go finds Nathan's own walls crumbling. Now they must trust each other to embrace what it truly means to be Mine, Body and Soul.

This is the third part of the Mine, Body and Soul trilogy in the Playroom series. It is an MM age gap gay romance with aspects of BDSM that free two men from the chains of their past, and drive them to the finally accept the one thing they both crave from each other: love without boundaries.

Warning: This audiobook contains some violence and touches briefly on past traumas and childhood issues.

The author advises that these audiobooks must be heard in order to gain a full understanding of the story. There is an underlying story threading through this audiobook that is connected to Ferron. This is left with unanswered questions as to not to give spoilers; they will be answered in Ferron's story.