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Reading Order JP Sayle Books


Manx Cat Guardian Series

There are seven books and they should be read in order. The Last book The Teachers Boy is the only book that can be read as a standalone as it has a synopsis of the first six books due to the nature of The teachers Boy being Daddy Kink as well as a paranormal book.

Where it all Began: Origins (Book 1)
Seeing Beyond the Scars (Book 2)
Destiny Collides Past and Present (Book 3)
Searching for a Soul to Love (Book 4)
The 12 Disasters of Christmas (Book 5)
Laws of Attraction (Book 6)
The Teacher’s Boy (Book 7)


The following FIVE SERIES are all interconnected. You will find characters that cross over into the books within these series. Find the ones you love and then check out to see if they have a book! Or ask me if they are coming in future books!

La Trattoria Di Amore Series

There are currently two books in this series that can be read as standalones because they are written concurrently to each other, but if you want to know what is going on with either couple then I’d suggest starting with book one. You will find characters in both books that get their own stories, but these books came first!

Puzzle Pieces (book one)
Dominated but not Subdued (book two)

Made to submit (book three)


The Playroom Series

There are currently six books in this series. However books 1-3 and 4-6 are trilogies. Each trilogy features one couple over the three books and the story unfolds throughout. That means you need to read all three books to find out what happens. Again you will meet characters in this series that have their story in another series.

Mine, Body and Soul: Part One
Mine, Body and Soul: Part Two
Mine, Body and Soul: Part Three
Ferron’s Journey: Damaged Part One
Ferron's Journey: Hidden Part Two
Ferron's Journey: Revelation Part Three
Mine, Body and Soul Trilogy
Ferron's Journey Trilogy

My forever love (Spin-off Story from The Playroom Series)


The App Series

They can all be read as a standalone, but be warned all these books end on a cliffhanger. The second part of their story and HEA happens in the below series.

The App: Daddy kink (book one)
The App: Littles (book two)
The App: Puppy play (book three)


The Flamingo Bar Series

See above comments. They CANNOT be read as a standalone. Each duo can be but you will need to read their match book in The App series first to understand their story fully.

Always More (book one)
The Little Side of Me (book two)
3 is the magic number (book three)


Billionaires Playground Series

There is currently only one book in this series, with a short spin off coming as a Prolific works freebie for Griff, Charlie and Nanna. There will also be some familiar characters thrown in for good measure!

Property of a Billionaire (Book one)

Reluctant Billionaire (book two)
Billionaire's Muse (book three)



Dark River Stone Collective Series

There is currently one book in this series, it is a standalone as will be all the future books in this series. This is based in the US.

The light beneath the dark

When Darkness Turns to Light

The Potters Creek Series

There is only one book in this series but is does have a character cross over with the standalone When Fake Changed Everything. I’d planned to have written at least two more books in this series.

A Christmas Wish (book one)


Standalone Books

When Fake Changed Everything

Christmas beyond Christmas (This book has the potenial to turn into a Horse Ranch series!)

The Elves and the Bondage Daddy (Grim and Sinister Delights Book 5)

Sweet Have

His Boy to Tease


Mine, Body and Soul, Part One: The Playroom Series
Mine, Body and Soul, Part Two: The Playroom Series
Mine, Body and Soul, Part Three: The Playroom Series
Daddy Kink: The App (book one)
Always More: The Flamingo Bar (book one)
When Fake Changed Everything
Ferron’s Journey: Damaged Part One

Ferron's Journey: Hidden Part Two

Ferron's Journey: Revelation Part Three

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