When Fake Changed Everything

When did being ‘fake boyfriends’ start making it difficult to remain ‘friends?

Jamie Rider is a man who accepts who he is with no boundaries, but with that comes consequences that leave him vulnerable.

That is, until Todd.

Todd shows him that he'll always be his knight in shining armour bringing Jamie to a new reality.

Todd stands up to the bullies allowing Jamie to see that friendship is no longer the thing he craves the most.

But can a fake relationship, too many years of friendship and a nasty boss prevent Jamie from gaining the one thing he now realises he can’t live without - Todd?

‘When Fake Changed Everything’ is a standalone book. It is M/M romance with fake relationship, friends to lovers, and a best friend who needs a sassy boyfriend who loves to wear heels.


Christmas Beyond Christmas


Can a Christmas beyond Christmas give one man the thing he’s dreamed about his whole adult life: Will?


Greg Byers was your typical nerdy geek; glasses, skinny and on occasion, a little pimply. He loved to stick his nose in a book and hide in the pages. Then he makes a silly, drunken mistake and his life changes. What was once an easy life becomes a life of ups and downs while he attempts to navigate single parenthood.


That is until Will returns.


Will Green has spent the last seven years working in war torn countries and he has lost his ability to laugh.  He returns to the one place he calls home, only to find that there may be more to laugh about than he ever imagined, as a little girl and her daddy recreate Christmas beyond Christmas.


Christmas Beyond Christmas is a MM gay small town romance where, sometimes, a next door neighbour can be more than just a friend.

Coming soon

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