Property of a Billionaire (Billionaire's Playground Book 1)

With a past that gave Griffin an armoured shield to protect his heart, could a nerdy geek by day and flamboyant model by night find a way to break through the barricade?

Griffin Hudson is a hard-nosed businessman, who has fought his way up from the back streets of Glasgow. He has little time in his busy life for relationships and has never considered tying himself down to anyone, nevermind a man.

That is, until Charlie.

Charlie McGregor is a geek who transforms into a glitzy model. He is a contradiction, a conundrum that Griffin wants, no, needs to understand. The only thing is, Charlie is more elusive than the Scarlet Pimpernel. With Griffin’s jet-set lifestyle, will he be able to pin Charlie down long enough to figure out what it is about the man that makes him want more?

Property of a Billionaire is a standalone MM gay romance, with a nerdy geek and a man who is gay for him.


Reluctant Billionaire

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